Top Prize at United Kingdom Tournament Comes to $125,000


Former Miss Great Britain accompanied by her famous professional football player associate, will be opening up the third annual European Open poker tournament. The tournament is scheduled to take place on the 4th through the 11th of December.

PartyPoker, which is the third time host of the tournament, have hired Danielle Lloyd and Teddy Sheringham to play the starting hands.

Those organizing the event are probably counting on the controversy attached to this couple to be a draw and to make news, since Lloyd, after winning the beauty contest title as Miss Great Britain, lost it when it was discovered that one of the judges, Sheringham, was in fact her boy friend.

A spokesperson for PartyPoker has announced the presence of a table referee whose job it will be to make sure teeth there is no funny business such as loving glances that might be possibly construed as misconduct.

The tournament spokesperson added that it is expected that an even greater attraction will be the tension expected to build between Maxim’s current girl of the year in the U.S., the new presenter of poker on Five, Roxanne Siordia and Danielle. She will be competing for attention with Danielle who is accustomed to being the center of attraction whenever she shows up. It is expected that this time there will be a real battle for center stage.

The other celebs that are scheduled to participate include DJ Spoony, snooker great Steve Davis, “Layer Cake” actor Jamie Foreman and Ibiza warhorse Brandon Block.

There is a top cash prize of $125,000 which is being defended by last year’s winner Ian Frazer, who is expected to also make a strong finish this year.

Matchroom Sport will be filming the tournament which will appear in the United Kingdom on channel Five, in early 2007.

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