Mobile casino gambling hand-held units coming to Nevada


With all the new online casino technology lurking out there in cyber space, it is no wonder that companies have developed hand-held mobile casino gambling units that will be used at casinos. At least in Nevada casinos.

Whether it it to compete for convenience or to show off a new toy, mobile gaming units are heading to Nevada.

Gov. Kenny Guinn signed a bill entering Nevada as the first US state to approve the new gadgets to be used in casinos through out the state. Most people in Nevada don’t have a problem with gambling being convenient, there are casinos everywhere. But the simple need to gamble while waiting in line for a Vegas show or at the casino resort pool has made these new devices a hit.

The units will be in service within a year, but there are a few catches. They will only be allowed to be used in public places containing at least 100 slot machines and at least one other type of casino game (ie:table games). No, you will noty be able to use them in your hotel room.

This leads some of to wonder if the will actually generate enough revenue to make themselves worthy of use. Some feel that it is a small but needed step in the right direction for online casino gambling. Some feel it is already easy enough to gamble in Nevada. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see what happens. We are all for stepping in the right direction towards online casino gambling becoming main stream – everywhere.

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