Microgaming Casinos Keep Tomb Raider, Pick up Hitman Slots


Microgaming Software announced they will continue to license the Lara Croft Tomb Raider online slot from Eidos Interactive, as well as new license for the Hitman series of slot machines, which Eidos says is currently one of their most popular online casino games like keno online. Tomb Raider, however, is by far the most popular of the slots bunch, having been branded in seven different titles since its release over a year ago.

The last of these titles, called Legend, is considered to be the most innovative of the series, and will continue to receive the most focus and marketing by Microgaming. Having only been released less than two months ago, Tomb Raider Legend has become the most popular online video slot on the market. Due to a wide appeal for Lara Croft, which now include adult games showcasing a topless Lara, the virtual vixen is getting plenty of traffic through a wide avenue of interests.

Tomb Raider slot machine is not as targeted as some of the other Lara Croft games, but remains a popular choice with players belonging to Microgaming licensed online casinos. Microgaming picked the casino game up in October 2004, and there is a good chance they will decide to re-license it again when the time comes.
Hitman, however, may end up replacing Tomb Raider, and becoming the next big thing. This action-packed slot machine features the exploits of Agent 47, who Eidos Interactive says has already been picked up by a major Hollywood motion picture studio. Agent 47 is a covert CIA operative whose specialty is assassinations, which is sure to take the action-themed entertainment of online casino slot machines to another level. Players will likely be able to play the game after the next release of new games by Microgaming, which all casino licensees can opt to upgrade.

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