Best Casino Jackpots Online at InterCasino


In the world of online gambling, money comes and money goes. With large casino jackpots online, it is a multi-billion dollar industry per year that gives some gamblers cause to wonder where all the money is coming from and where all the money is going. Players must remember that since online gambling is an international affair that brings in millions of players from all around the world, the money adds up quick.

Take for instance one of the largest and most popular online casinos on the Web – InterCasino. Making headlines yet again, Intercasino is known for giving out the biggest casino jackpots online. Their latest awards splurge went down on March 14th, handing out a full days total of over $46,000 in winnings just on their gaming machines alone.

The smallest online jackpot of the day was for over $7,500, which went to one lucky gambler playing the Special Guest Slots. Another player took home over $11,500 after hitting two separate jackpots on the Intercasino Marvel slots, which are proving to be one of the most popular slot machines at not only Intercasino, but at all gambling sites on the internet. Despite being themed after the widely popular DC comic character, Marvel slot machines are one-of-a-kind gaming action offering some of the largest casino jackpots online.

However, on this particular day, the winnings did not end there. Soon after the Marvel super hero slots jackpots, a third player won $8,700 on Intercasino’s Multi-Line Slots 2 machine. This was followed up by yet another jackpot on the video poker machines. And while this sheds some light on where all the casino jackpot money goes to, for regulars at Intercasino, news like this is common knowledge. More winning reports are sure to be surfacing soon enough from what many gamblers think is currently the best casino online.


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